Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To whom it may concern...

To:   The random person who keeps sending gifts to our house

From:  Peg

First, I know you think you are doing a kind thing.

However, the girls' parents died almost 2 years ago and sending them silly little presents, strange bric-a-brac, and gift cards doesn't change that fact.  Stuff isn't going to make them feel better.  On the contrary, it furthers the impression they seem to have that they are entitled to special prizes...this is something we are trying to counter.

Second, not including a return address or name and signing the cards "Cheers!" isn't sneaky...it's creepy.  Your anonymity makes us all feel unsettled.  It's weird.

Third, when you started including food items (ordered from an online service) and including the insert our last name family and the insert girls' last name family on the package, it doesn't get less creepy or better.  It actually really annoys me.  We are the insert our last name family and not some hybrid.  The four girls are still their own family, but just because we adopted E and M our identity as unique family unit has not changed.  Also, the food you order sucks...the cookies are dry and way too sugary.

Fourth, there are 5 children in this house.  Only 2 of them lost their parents, but all 5 of them are adjusting and struggling through this new life.  Singling out the girls is really uncool. The boys already feel like the girls get way too much attention from us and our extended family.  Again, it undermines our efforts to treat all of the children the same and have the girls, in particular, regain a sense of normalcy.

Please stop.  I'd ask you directly and explain our reasons in a calm, rational way, but you don't include your name in a stalker, "watching our family" kind of creepy way.  Again, please stop.  It's extremely annoying and I've already got enough on my plate.

Thank you.


  1. Is there any way to contact the vendor (I am thinking Amazon for some of the stuff, but could be wrong)?
    Also, how about a bunch of return to senders?
    Eventually they may get some refunds, and a clue.

  2. That's actually a good idea about contacting the vendor. I have a slip that today's cookies came in...it's a store from Ohio. This box came wrapped in brown paper with the cookies inside and two wrapped presents and cards for the girls. Other times it's just cards with no return address and we can't even tell the postmark...totally creepy and really annoying.

  3. that is a bit weird. i mean, i would guess that someone is trying to do something nice, make the girls feel like someone thinks they're special (in a nice way). but yeah. it come off kinda creepy. and you have no idea who it might be??! ick.

  4. I think the creepiness is that whoever they are goes to a lot of trouble to remain anonymous. I wouldn't mind as much if it was one of the girls' relatives in Indiana on Mike's side of the family. And frankly, the girls don't need any more junk.

  5. Could you just start forwarding things unopened to a local children's hospital or something? If some random person is trying to do something nice, it shouldn't matter who receives the gifts, and there may be people out there who would like those things.

    (Not that you need one more thing to do, but it's just a thought.)