Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I don't think it's a word, but I liked the sound of it for this post. :)

I feel like the last few weeks (months) I've been doing a lot of complaining about the girls.  I know it's understandable given the reality that it is their presence in our family that is causing the bulk of the stress around here, but I still feel bad.  In a move towards a more positive attitude, I thought I'd write a little about some great things about the girls....


--She has a great sense of humor.  When it's not directed at anyone in the family, she's downright hilarious.  She's been so well rested since we're on the swimming break that we're getting the relaxed, funny E more often.  Last night and today she's been really fun to have around.  The boys are loving it.

--She has wonderful friends.  Other than one friend (the infamous KK), all of her friends are sweet, smart and really good kids.  She does a good job surrounding herself with good people.  The new boyfriend is no exception.

--She works really hard and rarely complains.  Lots of kids have busy schedules and intense schoolwork but not many of them have the same determination and good attitude.  This is no more apparent than in her swimming.  Not many kids would get up at 3:40am , swim, go to school, do homework and not complain about it.  Her intensity in the pool is legendary on her swim club.  I have no doubt she'll make her goal this year of making Olympic trials.

--She is great with her little sisters KT and MG.  When she is with them, she is totally engaged and is so patient and sweet.  I know it really upsets her to see them with CA, but she does a great job keeping a good face in front of her sisters.

--On the same note, E is really good with little kids and is an excellent teacher.  She is now the go-to person for swim lessons this summer and all the little kids (boys and girls included) loved having Coach E as their junior coach.  She stays positive and fun, but at the same time does a good job of instructing in a clear manner.  The kids at our pool are loving it.


--Just like her big sister, M has a great sense of humor.  This is especially true when she's not trying too hard and drops a little one-liner that sends the entire family in stitches.  She and K really enjoy joking back and forth with each other.

--M definitely has a future on a stage of some sort.  Whether it was the angel Gabriel in the Christmas play, cheerleading or the most recent fashion show at camp, M lights up the stage with poise and energy.  For someone who struggles so much with self esteem, it's amazing to see her confidence in the spotlight.

--She has a great fashion sense and is really creative in her designs.  Since she started the Concerta, it's been so nice to see her drawing, creating and using all of the fashion "tools" she got for her birthday and Christmas.

--She really loves the boys and they love her.  Seeing her getting a hug from L or singing their latest rap with A, warms my heart more than you can imagine.

--M is a very social and friendly person.  It has not been surprising to me how easily she has fit in at her new school, our neighborhood and the swim team.  She is constantly getting requests for play dates.

I know I complain about them all the time, but I really do love these girls.  This love was there even before the accident, but our relationship has changed and the love and commitment I have for them is different.  All the kids often ask about who I love more (D is constantly saying I love M more than him).  Whenever I tackle this question, I always respond by saying that I love my sisters and Daddy the same amount, but in different ways.  I love the girls just as much as the boys, but it's still different at this point.  I don't know if I'll one day get to a place that I'll see our relationship in the same way.  I suspect that will be easier with M given her age.  Regardless, I need to remember that there are lots of things about the girls that I really like, even when they are making me pull my hair out.

Love; it will not betray you
Dismay or enslave you, it will set you free
-Mumford and Sons


  1. This is beautiful. Of COURSE you love the girls. Of course you do. And, yes, of course you would writing about the stress and frustrations that are happening to your family, since this is your outlet to do so.

    At no time did I doubt your love for the girls. I just took it in the same vein I take it when Lil or Ellie are driving me batty. I ADORE them, but sometimes, they get on my every last nerve. It's human nature--personalities conflict.

    But this, this was absolutely lovely and gave me more insight into the girls and their personalities.

  2. I also loved reading this post. E and M sound like remarkable girls and heaven knows they've been through a lot. that doesn't mean they are always their best selves and easy to be around, though. Your blog is your outlet, no need to worry about venting!