Friday, August 5, 2011


It started when I was going to bed on Wednesday night.  I tried to ignore it on Thursday morning and pretend it wasn't happening.  Last night was the last straw....just called the doctor and got an appointment at 12:45...Sometimes being a woman just sucks...I've got a UTI...ick.  I just explained to L why mommy had to go to the doctor by saying it hurts when mommy pees and he said, 'wanna try using my diaper?  That doesn't hurt."  If only it were that easy buddy.


  1. Of course. On top of everything else. :sigh:

    L's a sweetheart. :o)

  2. Update: Macrobid in hand. Usually after only about 2 doses I start to feel better. I used to get them all the time before we had kids so I'm used to the regimen.

    L is a sweetie!

  3. I've come over to your blog from Snickolet's and have spent a while reading your previous posts. Wow Jen, what a brave and compassionate lady you are. I'm going to give myself an hour tomorrow to read all your posts, and look forward to reading how life is slowly settling down for you all in the future.