Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back to Our Reguarly Scheduled Program

Since we last spoke L turned 8.  He did it in spectacular fashion with a "science" party where we made slime, erupted a volcano (multiple times), did a physics project and had a guest appearance by our resident herpetologist and his crested gecko.  He said the next day that it was such a good day he almost didn't believe it really happened...then he proceeded to walk into the bathroom and declare it was "deuce o'clock."

He is funny.

He is kind.

He loves life and makes it joyful for all those around him.

The other four are doing fine.  E was home for both spring break and Easter weekend and we had a nice time. We'll see how the summer goes, but I'm hopeful her coming home won't be too disruptive.

A is now running track and doing pretty well for a freshman.  He hasn't hit his growth spurt yet and is still holding his own against all the upper classmen.  He's having fun to boot and doing something for the school which is all we wanted.  This is probably his last year playing soccer. It's nice he has another avenue to get his athletic juices flowing in addition to his skateboarding.

M has a boyfriend.  He's a soccer playing friend of A's (he approves of the match).  He lives 30 minutes away and is very busy--a perfect scenario from my perspective.  School is still a struggle for her causing both academic and social anxiety.  I'm hoping each year of high school she figures things out a bit more.

D still keeps us on our toes with all his activities and tendency to procrastinate.  He and I went to Pittsburgh this weekend for a soccer game, stayed in the city and went to a Pirates game.  It was nice to be together and have some fun.  He continues to be a rock star in school which makes arguing with him about getting his work done all the more frustrating when the results of his methods are so good (something he likes to point out often).

I'm not sure why I haven't been writing.  I've had lots of stuff going on that I'm sure would benefit from some venting expressing via the keyboard.  We have been really busy.  I also think that my belief in myself as a "writer" ebbs and flows.  I'm not sure I ever really think of myself as a blogger per se, let alone a writer.  But...

...I still have a story to tell.  My story.  I plan to keep on telling it.