Sunday, April 24, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

We head out in the morning for five days in Florida with the kids.  They are really excited.  I think some of them were more into the trip than they were the Easter baskets this morning.  I have to say the bunny went WAY overboard this year.  I couldn't help myself.  They are all such great kids and have gone through so much.  They deserved a little spoiling.  Even E commented how much she liked her basket (Hollister can work miracles).

So I'm pretty anxious about the trip.  Traveling with five kids through the airport is a little daunting, but I'm going to try to go with the flow and be patient.  E also declared today that she will sleep on the floor or on a couch if it means she has to sleep in the same bed as M.  We are staying in a million dollar three bedroom condo in Jensen Beach, FL (it's good to have rich friends) and she says she'll sleep on the floor.  It's like she can't possibly admit to everyone that she had fun on the trip, but she'll complain to them that she had to sleep on the floor.  It is so annoying.  We don't even know what the sleeping situation is going to be and she started in on it tonight.  She did the same thing at the beach house with my in-laws last summer and threw a 3 year old fit claiming she'd rather sleep on the floor in the hallway than sleep on the beds in their room because there was a nail polish mark on one of the comforters.  She was searching for something to complain about.  I'm hoping she'll just relax and have fun this time.  I'm hoping one day she'll realize it's okay to have fun with us and enjoy being part of our family.

Wednesday is A's 11th birthday.  We're going to head to the Everglades on that day--his idea of absolute heaven.  We got our budding wildlife filmmaker his own digital video camera (K found a great sale online!).  We hope he has an awesome day.  He is such an amazing kid and has handled these new changes in our family with such grace.  I love him so much.

So wish me luck.  I hope we are all able to relax.  I'm bringing some good books.  If anything, a little sun and some waves can't hurt.


  1. I hope this trip is utterly amazing for EVERYONE.

    I've been giving E some thought. Right after Hannah died, it felt wrong wrong wrong to be happy or joyful or feel any sort of pleasure. Sort of, how in the world could I feel anything but grief and sorrow, for wouldn't it be denying my baby existed to feel otherwise?

    I can't help but wonder if maybe that is part of what E is going through.

    At any rate, enjoy those Everglades. You know Lil would be in HEAVEN. :o)