Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When it rains...

All these things happened today (it's only about 1pm).  I kid you not:

1.  I left early this morning to go downtown for a security briefing for work only to get stuck due to a broken down train.  Barely made it to the location only to find out that the meeting is actually tomorrow.  My security person gave me the wrong date.

2.  On the way onto the metro, my sister CM called (she's got the little girls) to tell me that Ripley, the girls' family dog was seriously ill.  She was sobbing.  By the time I realized that the meeting wasn't today and was heading back to the metro, sister C called to tell me he was dead.   Cancer.  It was everywhere.  His spleen actually ruptured.  He wasn't happy at CM's and we all knew it, but nobody else could take him.  The girls are going to be devastated.,  E is in FL swimming at Nationals so we'll wait till she gets home to tell them.  It's going to suck.

3.  C just called me again to tell me she's brining my niece I to the emergency room.  They think she's got appendicitis.  She's 4.

Seriously.  Does somebody have a bunch of voodoo dolls of my family laying around poking us with needles? We just need a break.  I'm starting to get numb to all of this.  I know we're not dealing with a tsunami, earthquake, nuclear disaster, but it's starting to get pretty ridiculous.

The sun may be shining today, but man is it every pouring.


  1. Just wanted to say that I've been reading your posts and I really feel for you. I hope writing keeps giving you strength and inspiration. I will keep reading.

  2. Thanks Ginger. Writing this has helped alot and knowing that others are reading for some reason helps too.