Monday, March 28, 2011

RIP Hokie

Well, the dark cloud continues to hover over our house.  D's beloved birthday tree frog was found face down in his water dish this morning.  He has been sobbing all day.  He said he was able to hold it in during school, but the moment he got into the car, the sobbing started again.  He buried him the backyard by himself in a maroon box marked "Hokie."  D is so sad.  The death of a pet is something most kids have to go through, but it seems like events of this nature have a more profound impact on our kids now.  It's just another sadness, another loss, another reminder that bad things can happen.

L has also been throwing up on and off since 4:30 am Sunday morning.  We started this morning with him puking all over himself  in his carseat as we pulled into school this morning.  Lovely way to start the morning...a dead tree frog and 4 year old vomit in every groove of a 4 point harness carseat.  I also have a huge deliverable due tomorrow for work.  Ugh.  Ugh indeed.


  1. The loss of a beloved pet is so hard. Don't even get me started on the vomit. UGH!

    As a completely unrelated aside, I find it most appropriate that a frog named "Hokie" was buried in a maroon box. ;o)

  2. A new frog was purhchsed today after school. He still hasn't named it. Hokie 2 is still in the running but also are Sprite, Rainforrest, and Charger. I also think Duke was on the table. M wants to call it Justin Beiber...not going to happen.

  3. The new name has been decided...Beameer...let's hope Frank doesn't think it's because D thinks he looks like a frog.

  4. AWESOME name for a frog. Frank, I'm sure, would be honored to know he has a frog named for him. ;o)