Friday, April 27, 2012

My Special Boy

I've climbed with the gorillas in Rwanda.  I've won four national championships in soccer.  I've snorkeled in the Caribbean Sea.  I've climbed the pyramids in Mexico.  I married my best friend.

12 years ago today, I became a mom.  12 years ago a very special little boy changed my life forever and practically swept away all the other things which, up to that point, had defined who I was.

He is funny and creative.

He randomly says things like "taco" and "biscuit" in a British accent and sends all of us into giggles.

He loves to read and presses me to read the books he reads so we can discuss them.

He knows more about reptiles and amphibians that anybody I know.  He wants to be the next Steve Irwin and talks often about following his legacy.

One of his recent videos (notice the cameo of a certain little brother).

He designs golf courses (regular and mini), roller coasters, zoos and skateparks in intricate hand drawings.

He loves his pets (3 geckos, two frogs and our family cat).

He is very tenderhearted and cries easily.

He is extremely fast and athletic and is awesome on a trampoline or a diving board.

He made up his own sport called "body boarding" (it's basically parkour) in which you do skateboard tricks "using your body as your board" that has become so popular with the other kids (even E) that L gave it up for Lent (it was a huge sacrifice).

He is a wonderful writer and has started (and not completed) multiple novels.

He is shy (especially around adults and especially when they are complimenting him).

His favorite food is my pesto and penne.

He is very absentminded and sometimes has to be reminded to wear underwear or make sure his shirt is on correctly. 

He could care less about clothes.  The girls regularly make him go back to his room to change because he doesn't match.  He shrugs and does it every time.

He is kind to his siblings and never complains when I ask him to watch his little brother.

He is a good cousin.

He still calls me mommy, but rarely lets me hug him anymore.

When he's upset and stressed, he still sucks his fingers and sniffs his lovey named Rufie (fleece blanket, dog head combo that is in shreds that he's had since he was born).  He had pretty much given it up until his aunt and uncle died and his cousins moved in.  He needs Rufie every day.

He has no idea how amazing he is.  If someone comments about what a great skater he is, he always comments about how someone else is better and that he's just a beginner.  Decide for yourself...

He made this video for his skate channel.

He is a good friend and is very selective.  He is comfortable in his own skin and only wants to hang out with kids who like him for who he is.

He has changed my life so much for the better.  Not just because he was my first step into motherhood, but because of the way he lives his life and brightens the lives of those around him. 

At minimum, I know more about the venomous snakes of the world than I did before he joined our lives.

Happy Birthday A.  Mommy loves you very much.


  1. What a lovely birthday note.

    And he is a good skater! Our intersection is a skate board mecca for some reason, so we watch a lot of kids doing tricks on their boards when the weather is nice, and your son outshines them all.

  2. So beautiful! And the thing about the underwear cracked me up! He sounds like an awesome kid. I'm pretty sure he has an awesome mommy to thank for that (at least in part) ;) Happy mom-oversary!

  3. Happy Birthday, A!!

    What a beautiful post. :o)