Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 in Pictures

I got through the day and managed to have some fun.  The kids certainly did...

A family picture in front of my in-laws.

L with his baby cousin...he looooves her.

The girls enjoying brunch at my in-laws.

L sprinting through the Egg Hunt!

Me with new baby cute and good for the soul.

A searching for eggs...there were multiple "golden eggs" with cash.

D was so great helping his little "god brother" through the little kid egg hunt.

The little cousins played "fort" in the front yard at my parents.  That's KT in the front.

C taught E to cross-stitch.

I always feel better when the cousins are together.  They have a bond that is amazing.

I don't have the words tonight.  Pictures tell a better story.

We're in the middle of spring break and are hitting King's Dominion (amusement park) tomorrow.  Hoping to keep the kids' good spirits going strong.


  1. Thanks for sharing! What handsome boys and beautiful girls and, I have to say, a darn good-looking couple you and K make! Have a good spring break.

  2. What a beautiful family photo! Looks like the kids had a fun day.

  3. I LOVE the photos! You can see the joy and happiness on everyone's faces, and that's what's most important. You are a good looking family, that's for sure. :o)

    I hope KD was fun--I spent many a Saturday there in college. :o) I'm hoping we can get to BG this weekend and make use of those season passes...

    1. Thanks! KD was great. The kids had a blast. I'm actually heading to BG on may 4 with D and the school band. Can't wait for loch ness monster!

  4. So glad everyone - including you - was able to enjoy the day!! Holidays are hard. And weird in the weay the dynamic has changed. My FIL showed up to Easter with his new girlfriend. Shock and awkwardness ensued. So much, so different, to get used to...

    1. Ouch, new girlfriend must have been extremely awkward...It hasn't been that long since your MIL passed away has it? I know we can't place a timeline on anyone's grief but that must have been really weird for everyone.

  5. And you were worried:) Looks like you are doing a great job creating new memories.