Monday, November 28, 2011

Easy and Hard

24 hours without the girls last week was easy...even blissful.

Dealing with their constant need for attention after they got home was really hard.

It's relatively easy to get loads into the washer and even switched over to the dryer.

It's hard to get clothes folded and put away (especially socks).

It's easy to make love to my husband when I've had plenty of rest and aren't stressed out.

It's hard to generate any sort of romantic energy on most days.

It's easy to take care of 5 kids on school vacation with no sporting events.

Managing the logistical nightmare of all the kids' sports each week is hard.

Loving all the kids is very easy.

Convincing all of them that I love each one of them on a daily basis is hard.

Remembering how much I should be thankful for every day is easy.

Remembering how much we've all lost is hard.  Painfully hard.

Telling funny stories about Jeanne and Mike is easy.

Telling funny stories about Jeanne and Mike is hard.

Wanting to be everything for everybody is easy.

Being everything for everybody is hard.

It's easy to get things done around the house when I'm by myself.

It's hard to feel so alone.


  1. Simple, hard, beautiful. The dichotomy of life...

  2. This post sent chills down my arms. They were partially chills of recognition, and partially chills of sympathy for your situation. Fantastic post.

  3. Poignant words, I'm sorry that there are those two sides of the coin. I wish that your readers could just wave a wand and make it easier. Please know that many good thoughts and vibes are headed your way.

  4. So beautiful and loving. Sending you hugs.

  5. Your are an amazing woman. Loving you through this time in our lives - easy. Watching one of your best friends go through this time in her life - hard. Lifting you up in my thoughts each day, easy! xo -LW