Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today is my birthday.  I bet you can guess how old I am.

My present to myself today is taking a few minutes to post on my blog.  It's been that kind of week and that kind of day.  Last year was such a stinky birthday anything was going to be better.

A few highlights of the day...

1.  My cell phone is an iphone from work.  Because of that, it's basically set up only for email and phone. So this means no fun apps.  Magically today my phone added itunes and the app store wirelessly and I can add some games.  Angry birds and Word were my first additions.  I'm currently playing scrabble with both S and C.  So fun.  This may sound silly but it's kinda made my day.  Technically I'm supposed to have any apps but I'll just delete them if I need to.

2.  D had a follow-up appointment for his bronchitis and I let him sleep in.  We brought L to preschool and then headed to dunkin donuts before the appointment.  It was fun and I know it made his day to have my full attention for a bit.

3.  I got lots of really sweet birthday wishes from my friends on facebook.

4.  C and her kids came over tonight after dinner and brought me a cake.  It was fun to see them and the cake was delicious.

5.  The best thing that happened today has to be that L peeped on the potty.  He only went once, but it's a start.  He didn't want me to tell anyone, but I could tell that he was pretty proud of himself too.

The rest of the day has been pretty normal which means stressful and difficult.  E had a meet tonight with her high school team and came in second in both races.  This, according to her, has completely ruined her entire season.  CA called me tonight about the big girls spending the night were her and the little girls tomorrow and then meeting up with us at my parents Thursday afternoon.  She didn't mention my birthday, was cold and distant and really weird.  The girls don't want to go, but it's important for them to be with their sisters.

K has pretty much ignored my birthday.  He's currently at the sixth grade boys basketball draft.  He'll probably give me a lame birthday present when he gets home.  I'm really not that picky, but he's given me basically the same present for my birthday, Christmas and anniversary for the last 3 years.  Compounded with our overall tension it just sucks.  He did apologize for the fight over the soccer tournament, but it seemed hollow.  We're in a rut.  A rut with 5 kids draining every last bit of energy out of us.

I still have to clean up the kitchen from the dinner I made and the impromptu birthday cake.

It's just a day.  Lots of good things happened (did I mention L peed on the potty!!!). 

I've got lots of things to write about (the holidays, K, tension with CA, work, etc.).  It's just been really hard to make the time.  Emotionally, I've been feeling kind of raw too and sometimes writing about what's going on helps, while other times I just want to go to bed and hit restart on my life.  Rehashing the bad can be hard...sort of like therapy I guess.  Anyway, I'm going to try to write more....even if it's just to announce each time L goes potty all by himself!!


  1. Well, Happy Birthday! I'm glad you got a cake, and I'm always glad when anyone pees on the potty. Birthdays can feel weird and unsatisfying even under the best of circumstances. Enjoy being 41, and I hope things look up soon.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! :o)

    Being an adult, birthdays kind of lose their magic and fun, especially when there is such upheaval. You have to go about doing the same dratted things you always do, so those nice little surprises and touches you listed make it all wonderful. :o)

  3. Happy birthday! And congrats on potty progress. Always a good thing. I hope this rough patch with your husband passes quickly.