Friday, February 18, 2011

A February Frog

Today is D's 9th birthday!  I'm  happy but also a little sad to see him all grown up.  He is such a big kid now.  The kids get out early from school today, so after pickup we're heading over to the pet store to get him his number one present request...a tree frog!  We already have 3 geckos, a chubby frog (D's current pet), 2 dwarf frogs and a cat. What the heck, what's another frog.  He is going to be so suprised and excited.  He deserves it.  As much of a pain in the rear he can be, he's handling this very difficult situation pretty well.  Last night he called E on the phone since she's on her swim meet for states with her high school team.  It was too cute and suprising given the usual tension between those two.

I just want today to be a great day for him.  Happy, relaxed and filled with froggy birthday fun.

Happy birthday my smart, sweet, funny little boy.  Mommy loves you very much.

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