Monday, October 27, 2014

Five Years

My sweet D

L and cousin W--best buddies

C and me

M and KT

Baby ST and C

S, C and M with the pink cast

My favorite of the day...A and M

L cracking up

M and her pretty smile

My dad facetimed E
Me and K

W working on his message to heaven

The boys working on their balloons
J adding his message
The littliest cousins getting help from their parents
KT and I
Carrying messages of love

Gathering the balloons

A sweet message from I to Aunt Jeanne
On their way

Balloons to heaven

The whole crew

M and cousin I

C, me, CA and S

My boys

Cousins in the slide

H and those eyes get me every time 
The kids all together

D and his mommy

CA and KM

C and DG

Sister S and her husband CH

Our godson J
My parents


  1. Beautiful, Peg. The photos of the balloons get me every time. I'm all teary. For some reason, it's in those moments it seems most real.

    I can't believe how big your kiddos are all getting! They're a good looking crew! And, I loved seeing you with your sisters--there's no denying you're all related. ;o)

    You peppered my thoughts and prayers Friday. I hope it was a decent day.

    Many hugs.

  2. Same here. Beautiful photos and the balloons made me tear up. Thinking of you all (and my mom).

  3. Hi Peg - I'm commenting anonymously only because I met one of your sisters long, long ago. Well 5 years ago to be exact. We played tennis together two weeks after the accident, in a tennis clinic. I knew her for about a year and then lost touch. I wouldn't want her to google my name and find this comment since I know you don't want that. But, my name is Erica and I found your blog a long time ago - maybe 2 years? - via another blog. I have been a faithful reader and thought about your family so often since the accident and meeting S. I remember hearing about the court process and all of the heartache and sadness and I have held your family close to my heart ever since. I just wanted you to know that I will always keep your family in my heart and prayers and that you are doing an amazing job under such difficult circumstances. I just wanted to comment, especially on this very sad anniversary. I have for a very long time felt bad lurking and not letting you know I was reading, but didn't know how to do so elegantly (and doubt I have succeeded in that now!). I won't be offended in the slightest if you delete this comment.