Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Settling In

The trees are stripped bare

From all they wear
What do I care

Kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall

But you go on
And on
And on
You go on
You go on
--October, U2

This song fits my attitude towards this month.

The pain from my grief and stress hurt.  The pain  is not your normal physical pain, but a weight sitting on my chest growing heavier as the day goes on.  Different, but pain nonetheless and the only way to describe how it feels.

Some people can tackle these feelings with a counterstrike strategy of positive actions.  Go for a run!  Save a puppy!  Make a fall craft!  Get more "me" time!

For whatever reason that is not me.  I do focus on trying to hold up the other people on this grief journey with me.  Give them the love they need to ease the insecurity and fear they feel at this time. Trying to take that weight off of their chests.  A futile effort at times. I have to try, though, and when I know I can't take it away, I can be the shoulder to cry on, a text message of love, and the arms to hold them and tell them I know how they feel.

Bottom line is that I can't fake it.

Jeanne and Mike are dead.  They aren't coming back.  This five year anniversary seems much more permanent. That sounds so silly, but it's as true of a feeling as the pressure on my chest.  I hate October and the fact that the anniversary is at the end of the month sucks.  The only thing that could make it go away is something that can never ever happen.  Ever.

It hurts.

So I settle in to my grief.  Accept it and feel it and wrap it around me like a blanket.  Not feeling it seems like a betrayal of them and my love.  I cry when I need to (which happens a lot and not always at the most convenient times).  I talk about them and how much we miss them.  When people ask me how I'm doing (depending on who they are) I tell them that I'm sad, this sucks, and it hurts.

I go on.


  1. I'm sorry you're sad. I wish there were things I could say to relieve the hurt, but there aren't. I can just be a little sad with you from afar.

  2. We're YOUR shoulders to cry on. I know that sounds stupid, but we're here for you, supporting you. It's hard to manage your own grief as it is, but taking on the weight of everyone else's is just exhausting. I'm so sorry.

    I wish you had an outlet. :sigh:

    Yup. It sucks.


  3. I spent an hour and a half meandering through CW today and you and K came so often to mind. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and praying for you all.

    (Plus, as an added bonus, there are about ten bajillion CW photos on the blog tonight...:oP)