Tuesday, January 21, 2014

God Help Us...

...school was just cancelled for tomorrow.  Let's hope the temperatures get above 20 so I can send them outside in the snow at least for some sledding and snowboarding.

Kory...I'm thinking some cookies might be on our agenda.


  1. Cookies. Lots of them. Get them high on sugar and then watch them crash.

    Good luck! :oS

  2. Oh good grief. You may need to go mini-M&Ms in the cookies and have a Back to the Future marathon or something. Scavenger hunt? (Hope the snow blows over soon.)

  3. Oh, Peg, I'm so happy to hear your day went so well! :o) Thanks for the update--y'all have been in my thoughts so often today.

    Hang in there with E--I'm sure she IS about to go nuts. :oS

  4. We haven't had school all week.It's kind of a nightmare. Cookies should help.