Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sunday night I had an 11pm soccer game.  I normally back out of these late games because the late night is hard to recover from.  This time, however, our team needed bodies and I've been having fun playing the last few weeks so I decided to just suck it up and go.

The game was fun.  My exhaustion the next day was not.  I limped through the day on Monday, getting everyone to practices, rocking out a killer dinner for 7, helping with homework and getting some playing time with L. Even though I should have gone to bed, I even stayed up late with K on the couch last night watching a movie in the spirit of marital accord.

This morning was another tired one.  I got the kids off to school and came home to eat breakfast before I started the work day.

Here's the confession...Instead of taking a shower and hopping on my laptop, I took a nap.  A glorious 1.5 hour nap on the couch.  I don't know why I feel guilty about this.  I used this guilt to bang out a deliverable to my boss and make the long overdue call about M's admission into high school next year.  I then ran to the store and got stuff for dinner tonight and tomorrow.

My therapist tells me all the time to find some time for myself during the day.  It's hard. though, to add another person onto my list of people whom I'm responsible for.  Even if that person is me.


  1. No guilt; I'm glad you were able to grab that nap. But an 11 pm soccer game! That's insane.

  2. As hard as it is for women (mothers in particular), you really have to put yourself at the TOP of that list. Even if it means grabbing a quick coffee alone or with a friend, getting a pedicure, browsing the local bookstore, working out, yoga, facial, walking the neighborhood (or the local mall!), or, yes, taking a nap, FEED yourself and the rest will follow.

    Good for you!

  3. Good for you. I take naps sometimes too!

  4. Naps! I love naps. I was feeling rotten after a bad night's sleep and bad dreams so this morning I skipped exercise and curled up with the dog for an hour. It was great and I refuse to feel guilty. I vote you take more naps if you want them. Screw guilt.

  5. I always feel guilty if I accidentally have a nap. I get it. I don't know why I do. It makes no sense. I deserve a nap as much as my husband and children do, right? You would tell me that, right? So, why can't we accept it ourselves? :oS

  6. Good job taking care of yourself! Priorities :) Following from Our Cone Zone :)