Friday, June 7, 2013


Sometimes  I wish I could just freeze time.  Let's face it, most of the time I wish I could turn back time and go to easier times with no tragedies, pain, or grief marking our family landscape.

Today L graduated from kindergarten.  My baby is growing up and there isn't anyone else to follow in his footsteps.  It was the another one of my "lasts" as a mommy.  Sniff.  Sniff.  He told me all week not to cry.  I didn't (much) least not in front of him.  He is just so freaking cute right now that sometimes I just want him to stay six.

Receiving his completion certificate.

Mommy and graduate.

Siblings got to leave class to come to the our family cousins count too :)

L being silly with his Aunt C.

My boys.
Such a sweet boy is our L.  Funny, smart and those big brown eyes get me every time.   I can't wait to watch him grow up...just as long as it doesn't go too fast.


  1. I'm with you. I love six. I want to hug my six year old on my lap in a ball and make him stay that way too. I'm excited for everything that lies ahead but I'm so sad about letting anything go.

    Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

  2. He looks so grown up! These are lovely pictures of a special moment.

  3. Oh, Peg, what a cutie patootie! In fact, your boys are all adorable! :o)

    I think you're right about the Bean being the third kid and me just being tired, lol! I also think I've figured out by now what is and really isn't important in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes I cringe when I think of what I put Hannah through...:sigh: