Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Just got back from the ortho...not good news at all.  The ER misdiagnosed the ankle sprain and A's got a fracture.  They put him in a walking cast and I'm currently researching waterproof cast sleeves so he can swim at the beach.

No skating all summer and hopefully he'll be back to playing soccer by middle of August.  Basically his entire summer is shot.

Seriously universe.  Give us a break (no pun).


  1. Oh yuck. So sorry. Maybe this is the summer to learn to build cool models or paint a personalized skateboard or learn to do specialized illustration of lizards or memorize the Latin terms for the 25 orders of insects. (I am very happy sitting down and would not run out of things to do if forced off my feet. Hope your son discovers something great despite the painful setback.)

    1. Thanks K. I really like the lizard illustration idea. He's a pretty good artist. As the day has gone on his mood has improved. He's already coming up with cool things he can do and thank goodness Herping is still a possibility...especially when the vacuum seal thing comes. We also have planned an eco-canoe tour down in NC at the beach which he is really excited about. Typical A, he's trying to think positive. He's currently playing chess with his 6 year old brother, so at least his chess game will improve :)

  2. Sure hope he heals soon. Sometimes they aren't able to see the fracture right away because of it being so swollen. God Bless him and heal him.