Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Glass Half Full

So my last few posts have been really depressing. Unfortunately, that's just where I am in life these days.  I'm really struggling and am the first to admit it.  However, a wise blogger (thanks Rach) always posts positive things that have happened to her that day as a way to be reminded of the joy in her life.  I thought I'd try that tonight.  So here it goes....

1.  Tonight D and I played a game of chess before he went to bed.  I was honestly trying to win and had him completely pinned when out of nowhere he took my king with a pawn.  We both burst out laughing.  I was totally concentrating on offense.  He was totally concentrating on defense and we both ignored his pawn sitting right next to my king.  Laughing and focusing just on D was lovely.

2.  A's leopard gecko that has gout ate all his crickets today.  Yes, you read that right, we have a gecko with gout.  We've been worried about him since he didn't eat very well last week and a second joint has started to swell up (symptom of gout).  A and I were both really happy to see him a little bit more back to normal.

3.  I walked in from work/school pick up today to see L on the floor playing Zingo with Nana.  It was ridiculously sweet to see him having such fun with his grandmother.  I am so thankful that the boys have a great relationship with her.  We are all very blessed to have her in our lives.   She also brought some fresh peaches from North Carolina which are yummy.

4.  M and I had a great therapy session today.  After a really bad fight with E before we left, I asked her therapist if I could sit in for the beginning of the session to talk about it  While I know it was hard on M to talk about her feelings, it was really good to hear how she's really feeling and I hope I reassured her about how much I love her and that she can trust me.  It really helps to get these little insights into her mind to understand about how I can help her.  She is also having her ADD/learning disability testing this week which also gives me hope for finding more ways to support her.

5.  C and I are having lunch tomorrow with a dear, old friend JB.  I always enjoy spending time with him.  He is funny, smart and has dealt with a huge tragedy in his life (his wife committed suicide almost 4 years ago when their autistic son was two). He and I have really good heartfelt talks.  He just gets it.

6.  E has a possible slumber party with her elementary school friends on Friday night which is good for all of us.  We get a break from her intensity and she gets to have some fun.  Win-win all around.

7.  M is really enjoying the neighborhood swim team.  It is so nice to see her laughing and having fun with new friends.  She and A have also been hilarious together the last few days.  Their special relationship is always a reaffirmation that she belongs with us.

8.  While typing this, I'm watching Top Chef Masters.  My adorable cat Oreo is curled up next me.  A great book is waiting for me upstairs to read before I hopefully fall asleep tonight.  I have tons of other things I should probably be doing, but you know what, tonight I'm just not.  I'm taking an hour or two just to relax.

9.  I've gotten some great support and advice from the Internet the last few days.  Comments brought tears to my eyes as I felt that somebody (or several somebodies) were listening and cared.  Starting this blog has been a Godsend.

10.  We are all safe, healthy and together.  For now that just has to be enough.


  1. My "sparklies" list was started as a way to try to "see" the world through Hannah's eyes after she was gone. But then, it turned into something more. It was my touchstone, my way, even on the worst days, of seeing that yes, there was still good in my life and world.

    I hope this works for you too. Somedays I struggle to find even one item, making me sit back and really reflect on my day and find that there truly was good. :o)

    This is a wonderful list and really made me smile. Well done. :o)

  2. Those are wonderful things! It's good not to lose sight of the positive. It's amazing what you can see when you shift your focus.