Friday, August 17, 2012

A tough week for A

Poor A has had a really tough week even beyond the "private parts" injury.  He started off Wednesday with a dentist appointment which went fine, but I'm sure everyone can imagine how much kids love dentist appointments.  While there, I stepped next door to the ortho office to find out about his palette expander and when it was supposed to go in.  They were supposed to call me and I hadn't heard yet.  Well, the appliance was delivered to the wrong office and they wanted to rush to get it in so he could get used to it before school starts.  They had an opening that afternoon, so we had to go back later and have it inserted. 

He is absolutely miserable.  In addition to the palette expander, she put in a tongue trainer to teach his tongue to move properly when he swallows.  That's making it hard for him to get food in and he's struggling to swallow.  He's talking funny, not eating and altogether grumpy.  The worst part is that he's having a hard time getting to sleep.

The three boys each have a lovey that they've had since they were newborns. A has "Rufus" (Ru or Rufie).  D has Louis (or Lou...pronounced LOO-ESE with a Spanish accent when he can't find him).  L has Boo and Blanky (or blanks).  A has always slept with Ru.  He sucks his fingers (hence the ortho) and sniffs Ru.  Prior to the accident, Ru was kept on his bed and only used at bedtime.  For about 6 months after the accident, Ru went everywhere with A.  In the car, while watching T.V, the computer or drawing.  We let it go because we knew he needed the comfort.  He got better with Ru for a little bit, but for the last few months Ru has come out again in full force.  When home, he always seemed to have Ru in his face.  We have gently reminded him this time to put Rufie up in his room, but again see this as a stress relief for him and tried not to make a big deal.

The tongue trainer, however, keeps him from being able to suck his fingers.  The cold turkey approach is probably what is best, but I feel so sorry for him.  He already is sore from the skateboard accident, his teeth hurt, he's not eating normally, and now he can't have Ru.  The mommy in me has tried to be supportive and be practical about it.  The mommy in me also cried in the shower yesterday as I thought about my little boy growing up and putting aside a piece of his childhood.  The gradual transitions of growing up are just that, slow and not that noticeable until you pause to consider.  This sudden change has been hard.

In typical A fashion, he's whined about the unfairness of it all, but found a way to make the best of it.  He started playing soccer Wednesday night too which makes him a bit sore "down there" but he says he's okay and will be able to play in his soccer tournament this weekend.  That makes his coach (daddy) happy and has been a good distraction.

It's hard to see him hurting and upset.  He's a cool kid and has already had to deal with so many heavy things.  Check out his latest video when he came across his first timber rattlesnake.  There is also a cameo by his little bro which is pretty cute.


  1. Poor sweetie! My oldest is the only one with a similar attachment to a stuffed animal. She actually has two stuffed bunnies and she sucks her thumb and she knows she's too old for that and we go around and around about it all the time. I get very torn because I feel like I should be harder on her to make her stop, but part of me just thinks in the grand scheme of things it doesn't make any difference (orthodontia not withstanding).

  2. I sucked my thumb until I was ten. I was in the fourth grade and it was a habit to just have my thumb hanging out in my mouth.
    Ultimately, I just had to be ready to stop on my own. Nothing the teachers or my parents did or said did any good. Then...then, I got braces and all bets were off. :sigh:

    I feel for sweet A, I do. So many changes and so much upheaval in his young life. I can certainly see crying in the shower. I know I would.

    LOVE the video--eve if I did get a tiny bit motion sick in the beginning. ;oP I was chuckling to myself when we encountered the juvenile five lined skink in our foyer the other day, thinking about A and how stoked he might be. :o)