Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sometimes things are just sad...

M had a very bad day today.  She came home and cried on and off for 45 minutes.  She yelled at her sister and complained about illnesses of all kinds.  She just looked so small and sad.  I love her so much and wanted to make things better for her.  I forget sometimes when they are being so difficult and causing such pain in our lives, that they are two little girls who lost their parents in a sudden, terrible way.

I had a crazy afternoon of calming M, getting her to soccer practice, picking up D and trying somewhere in there to get dinner done and homework finished.  I had back-to-school night for the middle schoolers tonight.  I listened to a sad Mumford and Sons song the whole way there and just cried.  I cried for E and M. I cried for Jeanne and Mike.  I cried for myself.  I cried for my boys.

Sometimes the sadness just takes over.  As M showed me today, sometimes a good cry helps.


  1. sending hugs to you...

  2. Yes, sometimes a good cry is just what you need. My heart hurts for the girls. I hurts for you and your boys. It's just so hard.