Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh to be 4...

We had some hilarious quotes from our favorite 4 year old this past week that I just have to share...

1.  L declared on his second day of  pre-school that the "big kid" was bad again.

Me:  His name is Vincent buddy and maybe he's just not used to pre-school and has to get to know the rules just like you.  He is four just like you.  He is just taller than you.

L:  He is definitely not 4.

Me:  Of course he's four, how old do you think he is?

L:  (a long pause and he ponders the answer)  He is at least 13!

2.  As I've mentioned before, my sister S is pregnant and due in October.  L is very into the baby and is so excited to meet his new cousin.  He is constantly touching her stomach, asking if the baby is still in there and talking to the baby.  We were at M's soccer game on Sunday and L walked up to one of the dads on M's team, rubbed his stomach (it was a rather large beer belly) with both hands, and asked,"what do you have in there?"

3.  We had to go to 5pm mass on Sunday because of the various sporting events of the day.  This mass is actually not at our parish, but at my parents' church so L is only used to going there on Christmas Eve.  We sat up in the balcony which put us at eye level with the large, realistic statue of the crucified Christ wearing only a loin cloth...

L:  Who is that? (very loudly)

Me:  Shhh...that's Jesus pal.

L:  But he's not a baby.  He's big. (in a more reasonable voice)

Me:  Yeah buddy, baby Jesus grew up to be a man.

L:  Oh.  But why is is naked?  (in a very loud voice).

The giggles from our pew were immediate and sustained.

While two of these stories were pretty mortifying, I have to say they totally made me crack up.  He is such a funny, sweet little boy and I love seeing the world through his eyes even if it involves pointing out to the entire balcony at church that Jesus was scantily clad.

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  1. Too cute and funny! Enjoy that sweet little one.