Thursday, April 10, 2014


I've spent the last two days in the hospital with A.  Just like his little brother last year, A got acute myositis from the flu B virus.  He was sick over the weekend, felt better enough to go to school on Monday, then woke up Tuesday morning unable to walk and in horrible pain.  Quick call to the pediatrician and we ended up at the ER and eventually admitted in the early afternoon.  His ck  numbers are still high, but since they were heading downwards, they let us go home last night.   And no, we did not get the flu vaccines this year--before you roll your eyes and criticize please try getting five healthy kids amongst their crazy schedules in to the pediatrician and get back to me.

Day one found me frantically organizing pick ups and rides pretty successfully. I ran home quickly that night for an hour while my mother-in-law sat with A, so I could pack a bag, make lunches and write out a list of reminders for the next morning.  A sweet cuddle with L was also nice.

Day two, by the afternoon, the wheels were coming off the bus and texts came furiously over my phone wondering where baseball uniforms were and what was for dinner.  All of this despite a very detailed email to K outlining what needed to get done and who was getting picked up when (all done from the hospital room).  Thank goodness for neighborhood friend who became the "hat whisperer" and found D's missing hat minutes before she was driving him to warm ups yesterday.

On the positive, it's nice to know that I'm needed and everyone was glad to see me home. M practically tackled me. On the negative...good Lord you'd think they were left on their own and there wasn't an adult in the house.  K basically did the bare minimum and actually got mad at me when I suggested Tuesday night that E go get everyone Panera for dinner, claiming we are going out way too much. Not that he was offering to make dinner.  Or anyone else for that matter. My mother in law was a huge help by grabbing the kids at school and then sitting with A so I could run home quickly.  But nobody in my family offered to bring dinner over, help with rides, etc. Lots of texts of "tell me how I can help" and "I hope A feels better" but no proactive steps to help with the other 4 kids. I guess we pretty much tapped out that source of support early on. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to always ask for help (it can be exhausting), and that those knowing our chaos surprised me with help without strings or the focus on the girls. That sounds whiny, but it's how I feel sometimes.

I came home last night tired to my bones and was hit with and onslaught of "Mommy/Aunt Peggy I need fill in the blank." D came home from his game crying because he had the last out in a game they lost.  A was still not feeling well and needed settling.  L was clingy and wanted constant attention. M wouldn't stop talking a mile a minute. The house looked like a typhoon hit it despite the fact the cleaning lady came that day.  Ugh.  Not a good homecoming after a night of no sleep.

A just woke up and wandered downstairs.  He's walking fine and still wiped out.  Typical A, he's worried about how much school he's missing.  I'm glad he's feeling better and we'll be back to normal in a few days.

Everyone, down the the cat, is simply happy we're both home.  I'm happy I slept in my own bed last night.  I'm afraid the minions would have staged a revolt if I stayed away one day longer. 


  1. Oh how scary. Glad he's doing better. And glad you're home.

    Our house turns into a total pit on the weeks I have a lot of rehearsals in addition to work. My husband is great with getting all the laundry done and handling meals, but the rest of it.... Everything is in heaps.

  2. Oh how scary! I'm so sorry you and A had to go through that. :o(

    I just got back from b'burg and discovered my hubby did the bare bones minimum while I was gone--piles EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness I had the girls with me...I can't even begin to imagine how it would look. :oS

  3. Poor kid! I'm so sorry that you've both had such a rough week.

  4. Glad he's feeling better! Just FYI, pharmacies offer the flu shot, too -- you don't need any appointment, just pop in. That's what I did.