Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day

Snow is falling.

Laughter can be heard from outside as all five of the kids run around the house chasing each other with snowballs.

Day two of no school meant day two of pancakes made from scratch.

[brief pause as I step away from the computer and this cheerful post to help whoever just came in]

That was D crying because his big brother smashed snow in his face and mulch down his back.

I yelled at A to stop playing and sit on the bench on the front porch in time out like he is 3, sent D up for a shower and insisted to L that he put his hat back on.

Meanwhile, K is outside with all of them ignoring all the fighting because it's easier.

This is the story of our life.  Brief periods of peace followed by chaos.  One parent prefers to stay on the sidelines and not have to be the bad guy.  One parent shoulders it all, while I might add, trying to get some actual work done since the federal government closing doesn't mean I don't have to work a  normal day.

I bet you can also guess who was the one that got all the snow stuff out, doled out boots, hats, gloves and snow pants that fit, and zipped up zippers and tightened boots.

Gotta love a snow day.


  1. My kids spent a lot of their snow day "mini-sledding" down the small slopes of our yard to the sidewalks. I'm just always amazed that they can't figure out their fingers are getting cold until they hurt.

  2. I've always found snow days to be a lot of extra work, frankly.

  3. I'm always good with that first snow day. Any day after the first...Oy. Of course, when I was teaching, snow days were days off so it was different. ;oP

    Ah, life. It's just so daily...