Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sad and Glad

This Saturday the girls and I are going with my mother-in-law and niece to a Sound of Music sing along at a local amphitheater.  It's this awesome place where people picnic on the lawn (although we got seats in the covered area too just in case it rains).  Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies of all time and we regularly sing the songs around our house inserting our own lyrics.  One of our favorites: "How do you solve a problem like D!"

Inspired by our outing on Saturday, here are a list of things that are currently making me sad and glad (with pictures)...

1.  Syria, chemical weapons, and the prospect of military intervention.
2.  Cancer diagnosis for one of sister S's good friends who has two small children.
3.  L having a hard time this week talking tons about himself dying and people he loves dying.
4.  Sister CA continues to make ridiculous decisions which pull the little girls away from our family and their sisters.
5.  Having frank conversations about #4 with E and M.
6.  Passing the cemetery 8 times in the last 2 days and just wanting to pick up the phone and call my big sister.

1.  We had a pretty good summer.

2.  Casts are off, bones are healed and somebody is back to skateboarding.

3.  School started this week and the transition was a lot smoother than I anticipated (left to right...D in 6th, L in 1st and A and M in 8th).

4.  Six year olds totally rock. Nuff said.

5.  Eleven year olds also have their moments too.
6. I have really great friends who showed up at our house at 9:15 last night after a trip to Williamsburg with a jar of house dressing and two bags of bread ends.
7. New books by some of my favorite authors who provide exactly the kind of break I need each night.
8.  New music by some of my favorite bands (yay the new Franz Ferdinand came out!!) which never ceases to give me the pick me up I need to get through our chaotic day.
I really can't wait for Sound of Music on Saturday.  I'll be "high on a hill was a lonely goatherd" with the rest of the crowd and will try my best not to embarrass the girls by getting teared up on Edelweiss.


  1. Now that just sounds like WAY too much fun! I'm laughing because we have been known to sing, "How do you solve a problem like Bitty?" Hee hee! I can't even imagine how fun a singalong would be! Is it to be at WT? That's such an awesome venue!

    I'm sorry so much sucks. I'm with you on Syria and am sorry about CA.

    Your glad list and photos had me smiling! You have a truly amazing fried to bring you bread ends and House! Maybe someday we'll meet IRL and I can bring them to you when I visit with Jessie. :o)

    P.S. I also choke up on "Edelweiss" and get a bit teary.

    1. Rach-
      Yup, it's at Wolf Trap...we are sooo excited even though getting everyone else covered is becoming a bit of a pain.

      I know one day we'll meet IRL...I have a feeling my little guy L would hit it off with your girls.

      The scene in the gazebo..."I must have had a wicked childhood" singing with the Captain gets me every time too :)

  2. The Syria stuff scares me to death. I don't think I can handle another deployment so I'm just hoping it doesn't come to that, but that's always where my mind goes when our government starts talking about military involvement anywhere.

    Glad there was so much good to balance out some of the hardships. Loved the photos!

  3. Beautiful pics! It looks like your summer really was fabulous.

    Syria--sad here too.

    Saturday--have a fantastic time!