Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little bragging...

I'll get back to normal blogging in a bit (need to post about our recent hospitalization with L), but here's a bit of bragging on my incredible A.  On the last trick he had an epic fall and amazingly he got back up again to try it and nailed it. 


  1. Very cool! Scares me to death, but cool!

  2. And see, this is why I'm glad I don't have boys. ;o)

    In all seriousness, that was truly awesome! You have a very determined young man on your hands. :o)

    (And, if either of the girls--*ahem* *ellie*--decided they too would like to risk life and limb in such a way, I'd do all I could to support them...although I'm sure B would have to be the one there with them as I'd most likely freak out. ;o))

    Don't like hearing L was in the hospital, btw!

  3. Wow - skilled, determined and very brave!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today, it means a lot.