Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Day

Morning comes.  Struggle to get out of bed and leave dreams behind.

Running a bit late with tired kids, an unexpected drop-off and the inability to give up a cup of coffee and morning shower before L's school drop-off.

Parts for a school project on comets bought. A stroll through next door Home Goods imagining possible additions to our home.

Quick trip to Trader Joe's.  Quick chat with C on the phone on the way there.  Laughs.  Sharing.

Preschool pickup for a grumpy five year old.  Sun shining as the temperatures rise.

Afternoon of lazy work on the couch and appeasing L with TV shows and Nook.

Pick up big kids and make executive decision to have M skip practice resulting in an activity free afternoon and evening.

Homework quickly done.  Playing at the park.  Adult conversation for me.  Pop flies thrown for D.  An eager "yes" given to request for trip to creek by themselves.

Second executive decision for the afternoon made...Dinner out.  No cooking.  No dishes.  Unused gift cards used.

Three unexpected phone calls from old friends.  One from Paris.  One old work friend.  One from Kathleen.  All of them replenish and comfort me.

Creek explorers return.  One snapping turtle.  One green frog.  One salamander.  One skinned knee, but lots of giggles.

M seems at ease.

Dinner out at favorite restaurant with pleasant conversation, full tummies and more giggles on the way home.

Laundry folding.  Teeth brushed.  Last minute hugs and tickles.  The Hobbit being started for the first time in one room.  Hunger Games being devoured in the other.

Sitting and writing with K on the couch nearby.  House Hunters.  Comfortable silence is a welcome state after horrible fight on Sunday night.  First steps in getting back in sync.

A regular day around these parts.  Another day forward together as a family.  Another day forward into this new life and another day further away from the terrible day that defined it.

Actually looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Peg,

    I am so glad that you had such a great, NORMAL day. I am also glad you blew off the hundreds of things all the kids have to do for just a day. You deserve this.

    I like your executive decision making skills.

  2. Great post! So glad to hear you sound upbeat. It sounds like you made some excellent decisions - good for you!!!

  3. Warms my heart for you and your family. Hope you can create these days more often by making similar executive decisions.

    I just watched an episode of Bethenney Ever After on Bravo. It's the show named "Adrift." I'm coming out of a very, very tough time in my marriage and it was helpful to watch. It might be helpful for you and your husband to watch too.

    1. Thanks TSM! I love that show. I missed the episode on Monday but I'll have to check it out.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love this post. This little peek into your life and the lives of your kids. Sounds like everyone had a good day, which is just about magical!