Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Girls

From left to right S, C, my mom, me and then M, E and Jeanne (in black).

This is a picture of us girls (minus CA) at the beach when E and M were little.  I love all the smiles.  I love E putting her hands on her mom's shoulders. Jeanne is still alive. My mom is healthy.  E and M are still innocent, happy little girls.  We're relaxed and happy and at peace.


  1. What a beautiful photo. You all look so relaxed and happy. There's definitely a familial resemblance there. :o)

  2. I love this photo. Oh, you must miss your sister. I can only imagine how missing her is wrapped up in the day-to-day struggles.

  3. That's a beautiful picture, Peggy. I am glad you have memories like this. There are no words to ease the pain that she is gone but so many families live their lives separated or isolated because of stupid, ridiculously mundane things when you compare those things to the big picture.

    Life and death.

    We think we have forever to pull our shit together or to make peace with things, but sometimes something so big, like what happened to Jeanne, rolls into our lives and takes away our rights to have held any such assumptions.

    I am glad you had each other when she was here. Many sisters cannot say that.

    Love to you and the family.