Friday, October 14, 2011

Cursed October

This is not my month.

I just got in a stupid car accident on the way back from Target.

I was sitting in the turn lane at a light.  The light turned green.  The lady in front of me slammed on her brakes.  I didn't react fast enough and ran into her.  Her car's spare tire on the back of her car hit my hood and bumper.  She was a total jerk and kept on complaining about her $200 of groceries in the back of her car.  She claimed her glove compartment wouldn't open and she might have bumped her head on the back of her seat.  She called the cops.  I sat in my car.  Called K and S and cried.  The officer said he had to give me a citation because I wasn't keeping the proper distance and I couldn't really explain what happened.  It was just so fast.

Ugh.  Thank God we have great insurance (go USAA!).  Accidents happen.  I know this all too well.  I just didn't need another thing to deal with.

AHHHHH!  October is just not going very well and it's not even the 24th.


  1. Ugh. What a nightmare! I'm sorry.

  2. Oh that sucks! I am sorry, good thing you have great insurance though! xxx

  3. Oh no, Peg. I'm so sorry. USAA will take care of you. They are AMAZING. (I'm afraid I speak from experience...)