Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Eldest Son

Last Sunday was A's 14th birthday.  We celebrated the Friday before with a hike with his friends and the movies (Captain America--so good!).  Sunday we had a family barbecue to celebrate his actual birthday and K's which was on the 30th..  It was a crazy weekend. Unfortunately K was sick and out of action the whole day of the party (end up in ER that night with strep and flu diagnosis).  We also had a bunch of people who RSVP'd and then didn't show (totally annoying since I cooked for the original amount). A had a great time, though, which is what is most important.

He is such a great kid.  Funny. Empathetic. Interesting. Intellectually curious.  Wonderful big brother and cousin. I could go on and on about how much joy he brings to my life and those around him. I am so very lucky to be his mom.

Here are a few pictures celebrating my sweet guy.

A and his friends starting the hike.

A with the first catch of the day--a juvenile water snake.

A ring neck snake.

D catches a water snake.

Big bro and little bro.

The bluebells were beautiful.

A had so much fun with his friends and was totally in his element.

My sweet L.

A ring neck snake.

A catches a queen snake.

Last snake of the day--another ring neck snake.

The whole crew with their new shirts.

2 year old H (oldest daughter of sister S)
My in-laws with A.

Me and my buddy.


  1. What a great kid! Glad he had a good birthday.

  2. what a great celebration for a neat kid! Glad you all took time to focus on A. I love all the pictures!

  3. Fabulous celebration--what could be better than going herping for your birthday? :o)

    He's a wonderful kiddo and I love how he's passed his joy of herping along to his brothers. There's not a lick of fear there in any faces when faced with a snake. I love it!

    I love all the photos as well. :o)

    Happy Birthday to A and K! :o)

    P.S. Glad K is now on the mend. Eek! That's a terrible combination to have!