Thursday, May 24, 2012

Closing the Door

Tomorrow morning at approximately 9am we get to finally close the legal door on the accident.  The girls, with us standing by their sides, will be awarded by the judge the settlement agreed upon by lawyers for the insurance company and our lawyer.  The driver who caused the accident had minimal insurance ($30k max) and Jeanne and Mike's insurance is actually making the payment.  It too is paltry compared to the devastating loss, but it's better than nothing and the girls will have money for college, grad school, weddings, etc.  There is a cap on the money and unfortunately there are 5 competing suits between the sisters (2 wrongful death and 3 injuries).  K and I had to make decisions about how to distribute the annuities as they grow into adulthood.  It was a tough decision, but we feel confident we did the right thing.

The girls are very nervous.  We have talked about it and have explained as much as we can what they can expect.  They don't have to say anything, but will most likely be addressed by the judge at some point.  I think the worst part is going to be the waiting before we actually get called.

Publicly acknowledging the accident, even if it's just the courtroom, is also going to be difficult.  The last time we did it was when K and I became their guardians and the girls weren't there.  The time before that was the funeral.

On the positive, K and I will no longer have to deal with lawyers, guardians ad litem, etc.  We still have to deal with the state probate commissioner once a year, but the lawyers will be gone. The focus on the accident will be gone.  It's hopefully a final step in dealing with the messy legal aspects of being their guardians/parents.

So supportive Internet, if you have the inclination, please send some positive vibes, prayers or whatever you can send to these four little girls tomorrow who lost so much on that horrible October afternoon.


  1. Any good vibes I've got you may have.

    Good luck tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

  2. I used to work for a judge in Fairfax and have sat through many of the hearings that you'll be having this morning. I'm sure the lawyers have told you all of this, but just in case.... Almost all of the judges call you up to the bench, so the proceedings are somewhat more private. The judge will likely ask each of the girls how they are doing, but in a friendly manner. The judges are quite sensitive in these situations. The wait probably won't be that long because the 9 o'clock docket moves very fast and is usually completely over by 9:30. I wish your family all the best, with so many hopes that this hearing can help you move forward. I'll send up some prayers this morning.

  3. I wish I had seen this last night. I was walking in CW at 9:00 this morning, and every time I'm there I think of you and say a quick prayer.

    I hope all went well and that this provides some sort of closure and an ability to keep moving forward.


  4. This is so sad. Hope things went okay today.