Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day Schedule

My mother's day was not idyllic.  We had a really busy Saturday with 2 soccer games, a kid birthday party at the local park/pond for A and 5 friends, and a family birthday party for A and K Saturday night for 30 people.  My tiredness from Saturday probably didn't help my mood for Sunday...a lack of shower also didn't help.  It was actually like most of our Sundays.  Crazy.  Stressful.  On the go.  Here's how my day went:

--Up at 8am.  Got A, M and L up, fed and dressed for church.  E was swimming and arrived home at 8:40 for us to make 9am mass.

--Home from church at 10:15 for about 5 minutes before heading out for D's soccer game at 10:30.

--Home at 12 from game, fed A, L and M and headed out at 12:15 for M's game at 1:30 (she had to be there 45 minutes early).  Gave my mom her present at the game because of course my parents went to M's game and not any of the boys' events this weekend (I'm not getting AT ALL resentful).

--K, A and D met us at M's game.  He took the A, D and M home while I brought E to the store for flowers and the cemetery.

--Got home at 4 and left at 4:15 with D and L for A's 4:30 soccer game.

--After A's game, went to Nana's house (K's mom) for a mother's day, and grilled sausages (actually bangers brought home from England).  Good, but basically because I didn't have to make it.

--Home at 8:45, bathed boys, and dealt with crying D who's chubby frog is missing (kid's of family friends let him out on Saturday night after teasing him about it....long, long story but suffice it to say K and I are furious as their 3 kids continue to lie about it).  We put out Tupperware of water under beds and dressers hoping that if he's still in the room, he'll be able to get water.

--10:15 finally got kids to bed and K wandered in with lame gifts (even he admitted they stunk) all of which are being returned except the $15 itunes card.  I really don't need anything.  It's sounds a bit selfish to want some special attention.  I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, though, that I was a bit jealous as I listened to other moms at the game talking of their lovely days with brunches, gifts, massages and breakfast in bed.  It sounds pathetic, but it would be nice every once in a while to get some spoiling.  A little acknowledgement for all that I do....I could write ad nauseum on this subject, but I have to go and change over the laundry into the dryer and make lunches...a mom's day is never done...

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  1. I'm sorry that your day wasn't great. Hopefully your whole family will make it up to you in future years when things have settled down a bit.